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Classical Guitar Strap

Something that you probably noticed about classical guitars is that none of them seem to have any buttons for you to attach a regular guitar strap to. This is why you need to get a classical guitar strap because it allows you to get the strap onto the guitar without actually needing the buttons to hook up. The reason why this type of guitar doesn't have the buttons for strap use is that the guitar was never designed to be played standing up. You're supposed to sit down while you play and for that reason you don't have buttons installed.

I'd like to say that you can get the buttons installed, but it's a lot of extra hardware work and you could cause damage to the guitar. Most people that need a classical guitar strap have a guitar they don't want to damage and I can respect that. There are a lot of various kinds of classical straps that you can get, so instead of pointing out a few to you, I'll just let you browse through the many available. Just use the link below to browse all that you can buy.

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Best Classical Guitar Strap

There is one in particular strap that stood out for me and it is the Levy's Leathers 1 Nylon Classical Guitar Strap. It just seems to have the best design for a classical design, which you can see from the picture to the right. It's a lot different than what you see from a regular guitar strap. I know it looks sort of funny, but if you want to protect the integrity of your guitar, this is really what you have to go with.

You should know that the strap is very comfortable to wear. And it is something that you should get a lot of use out of. If you're interested in learning more about this strap then please use the link below. I have a link above that will let you browse through all the different kinds.

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